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Since 1995, Gilbert Family Dentistry has provided exceptional dental care to patients from preventive teeth cleaning, complete smile restorations and Invisalign® treatment.


  • Dental Implants
  • Invisalign® Teeth
  • Whitening Dentures
  • Root Canals

Dr. Gilbert offers a variety of dental services in a caring and compassionate environment. Dr. Gilbert and the team at Gilbert Family Dentistry can help you maintain a healthy and shining smile throughout your life.
(206) 257-7899
No need to worry about the treatment methods followed by Dr. Gilbert. With highly trained and experienced staff members, who stay up to date on the latest and tested industry practices, Gilbert Family Dentistry can help you solve all your dental health issues with the utmost care. Dr. Gilbert's specialized treatment plans include dentures, root canals, fillings, bridges, and dental reconstruction. Dr. Gilbert and his team are happy to answer all of your questions.

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